Medicine Wheel NHS

Not all holy ground and sacred sites are part of the National Park Service. Visiting Wyoming’s Medicine Wheel reminds us how deep our history reaches.

112 Armchair Travel Destinations, 2 Books

We may be sheltering-in-place for a while, but our imaginations are still free to road across the country. “America’s Holy Ground” and “America’s Sacred Sites” provide 112 easy roadtrips from the comfort and safety of your favorite armchair.

10 Tips for Taking Kids into Nature

This spring my daughters and I went on a Saturday afternoon hike that…. well…. It ended up overwhelming us. That got me thinking, “What goes into a successful trip into nature?” Developing that list was how my mind diverted itself during the last (and longest) mile of the hike, when most of the complaining occurred. …

A Faith-based Argument for Closing Our National Parks

Note: This was written during the first few weeks of the 2019 federal government shutdown. The National Park Service exists to ensure Americans are good stewards of the gifts of our planet. Right now, as the government shutdown leaves our national parks vulnerable and unmaintained, NPS can best protect our national parks by closing them down. Over a century …