We get lots of questions about our project. Here are a few of the most asked questions. This list will grow, and feel free to help us add questions through the "Contact Us" link above.

Where can I order it?

Just click here and order now!

Does this include all 61 national parks?

Yep! From Acadia to Zion and all of them in-between -- including the Alaska parks you might not know exist. It's also one of the first books to include America's newest national park; Indiana Dunes was upgraded in February 2019 a few days before the book went to press.

How about Mount Rushmore? The National Mall in D.C.? All those cool NPS sites?

There are 418 units in the National Park System, so we focused on the 61 most-prominent locations in the system: National Parks. (You'll see lots of resources listing 59 parks, which were created for the National Park Service's 2016 centennial. That number increased to 60 (Gateway Arch) and then 61 in February 2019 when Indiana Dunes National Park was added.) So no, Mount Rushmore and the National Mall and those other sites are not included because they're not national parks. Give us some time, though; this project was so much fun, that might be in the works.

So let's talk science. Do you think global climate change is real?

Yes. Study after study after study proves it, and national parks provide some of the most telling examples of how global climate change is impacting us right now. Some of the devotionals touch on this in a way that will inspire you to think about how your life impacts the climate and what you can do to be a better steward of the gifts God gave us.

How old do you think our planet is?

We agree with scientists as well as the National Park Service: Earth formed billions of years ago, and the geological record at America's national parks reflect the tremendous changes this spinning rock has experienced in that time. Our essays speak in terms of millions and billions of years, just as materials produced by NPS do.

Did you take all those photos yourself?

Don't we wish! We're responsible for about 20% of the photos in the final book. Most of the rest are from NPSGallery, the incredibly amazing photo, video, and graphic repository managed by the National Park Service. Most (not all) of the photos in the gallery are Public Domain, which means they can be used at no charge. We do our best to credit the specific photographer when that information is provided, but NPSGallery is a bit inconsistent in what information is provided. A friendly warning: Once you go into NPSGallery, you may spend a few hours there. It is truly astounding!